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    Cuckoo Micopm Rice Cooker(3 Cups) (CR-0351F)

쿠쿠 마이콤 보온밥솥 3인용(CR-0351F)_빨강색
Cuckoo Micom Rice Cooker(3 Cups) (CR-0351F)
Voice Support Language: English,Korean
LED  Support Language : English

* Warranty * 

Please note starting from 2022 all rice cookers purchased from Online E shop will have 6 Months Warranty offered by Hmart from the date you have received.

Warranty includes for any malfunctions on the cooker or if it has stopped working.

Hmart are not responsible if rice cooker is showing signs of it being badly used or if there is a great amount of scratch mark to the cooker pot which caused the cooker to not work.

For any personal reasons during the 6 months warranty, if the rice cooker you received was not opened or examined, it is not a fault by Hmart to extend the warranty.

For further information’s, please contact E shop directly.


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